Mechanical Seal for Paper-making Equipment and Pressure Screens (for paper pulp agitation).

Structural Features: double-end, multiple springs, with spring protector, balanced, independent direction of rotation, spring standingmechanical seal. The component is cartridge seal with easy installation. The springs are not touching the sealedmediums so that there will be no jam caused by the highviscosity and crystallization active content. This makes sure the flexibility of the compensation ring and as a result, it lasts the lifetime of the whole component. Multi springstructure makes the load on the sealing faces balanced. The seal needs to work with sealing water, which has thepressure of 0.1 - 0.3 MPa and flow rate of 3 - 8 L/min.

Industrial Standards: specific customization.

Features :

  • Structure : Double-End
  • Pressure : High Pressure Mechanical Seals
  • Temperature : Poor Temperature Mechanical Seal
  • Performance : Corrosion
  • Model No. : PF01F
  • Size : 1” - 6” (25 mm - 150 mm)


Operation Parameters :

  • Pressure : 0 ~ 1.5 MPa or less
  • Temperature : - 40 ~ 180 ºC
  • Linear Speed : 20 m/s or less
  • Solid Capacity : 15% or less
  • Pressure of Cooling Water: 1.25 times higher than the subject's operating pressure

Materials :

  • Rotary Face : Car/SiC/TC
  • Stationary Face : Car/SiC/TC
  • Secondary Seal : FKM, FFKM, PTFE/BUNA-N, etc
  • Springs : SS316/Hast-C276/inconel-718
  • Metal Parts : SS304/SS316/3507/2507/2205/monel/SS-Duplex/Hast-C276

Recommended Application

Scopes of Application:

Mainly used in chemical engineering, pulp production, pulp drying, pulp screening, and sewage treatment. Designed for pressure screens and other filters. This component can work as an alternative to ANDRITZ SafeMatic seal support system.


Oil, water, sulphite lyes, paper pulp, acid, alkali, and othersolvents.


Changes of materials for getting other operating parameters are possible. Contact us with your requirements.