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We are GLPP, a group of German engineers, designers and service experts. Our company is based near Obernkirchen also known as the home of Bornemann* and the Twin Screw Pump Technology. Looking back to our history and with 150+ years of experience we now build something special for you and your needs: GERMAN LEGACY PUMPS

Our mission is to provide products ,services and overall solutions for Twin Screw Pumps , Multiphase Boosting as well as engineered solutions for the Oil & Gas production. We offer reliable pumps and systems developed, engineered, and made in Germany.

With our common Bornemann* roots we know and trust the well known design and performance of the Twin Screw Pumps. To make this product available to everybody also in future, we now build our own pumps-the“BorEx-Line”–perfectly matching to existing W, V ,and MW series, suitable to replace existing pumps and units.

Our Artificial Lifting Solutions – Multiphase Boosting

This is where our long-term experience gets into the game. We bring performance back to your oilfield – state of the art brownfield developments by Multiphase Boosting. Multiphase Boosting is the leading technology suitable for more than 80% of oil wells worldwide, enhancing the ultimate recovery of original oil in place (OOIP). We bring this technology at affordable costs to the market by paying attention to each individual well, technically and commercially.

GLPP‘s advanced 3D-Multiphase Production Modelling

We have developed a 3D modeling approach to enhance your oil production for single wells up to the scale of entire oil fields. Based on your current field data of produced oil per day (BOPD), GOR and achievable WHFP we develop an optimized production scenario to increase output along with a reduction of CAPEX and OPEX.

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