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Cyclone Separators

Cyclone Separators

These cyclone separators utilize a one-piece pressure casing, eliminating temperature and pressure constraints imposed by designs using bolted and gasketed casing covers.

The simple construction reduces the maintenance and inventory costs associated with more complex designs.

The efficient, lightweight assembly provides lower pipe stress when inline mounted, while offering operating pressures up to 207 bar/3000 psi.

Hand Pump

Hand Pump

Product Information

Our hand pump is a new type of high pressure infusion pump. This product has a pretty appearance and special design on pipelines and check valve structure. It can effectively prevent oil from flowing in the opposite direction, improve work efficiency, reduce working intensity. It can undertake the filling for chemical pump mechanical seal system, can also be installed in other mechanical equipment as a hydraulic power supply, or be used as a hydraulic test pump in all kinds of medium and high voltage components or containers.



This hand   pump   compact   has   a   compact   and reasonable structure, easy to operate. As a whole stainless steel structure, it owns strong corrosion resistance. Using the medium of oil or water, it can keep working with pressure in the PLAN-53A, PLAN-53B and other auxiliary system without stopping the system. The amount of output each turn is 16ml, oil tank capacity is 2000ml, the maximum working pressure is 8MPa, weight is about 6KG.

This product is equipped with 80 mesh oil filter in the fuel tank filler, can effectively prevent the impurities in the oil from going into the tank and polluting sealing liquid. The tank has two sight glasses at the high-low limit to help the operator observe the liquid level position directly and effectively