Type F-AP8-3 is a Dual Pressurized, engineered O-ring Cartridge Seal (API 682 Categories 2 and 3, Type A, Arrangement 3) with a standardized cartridge arrangement, certified as compliant to API 682 when supplied with qualified face material pairs. API 682 defaults to FB (face to back) configuration for dual pressurized seals, also available in BB (back to back) and FF (face to face) arrangements and fully qualified.


Design Features :

  • API 682 qualification tested.
  • Easy-to-install cartridge design with registered fit.
  • Distributed flush optimizes circulation of liquid at faces and prevents trapped vapor.
  • Dual seals equipped with pumping ring foroptimized flow.


Performance :

  • Pressure : up to 1000 PSIG
  • Temperature : -40°C to 260°C
  • Speed : up to 25 m/s
  • Size range : 1.000" to 4.500" (25mm to 120mm)


Materials :

  • Rotary face : Antimony Carbon, SiC, TC
  • Stationary face : SiC, TC
  • Spring : Alloy C-276, SS 316L
  • O-ring : EPDM, FKM, Aflas, FFKM

Recommended Application

Scopes of Application : 

  • Fully meets the needs of the oil and gas industry for hydrocarbon and other services as defined by API 682 for Type A seal duties. This includes: heavy and light hydrocarbons, lubricating liquids, aqueous solutions, chemicals, and some acids.
  • Industrial applications involved in the processing of VOCs and similar hazardous products.

Customization :

Changes of materials for getting other operating parameters are possible. Contact us with your requirements.