Engineering Manager

Location: Tangerang, Banten

Job Description

Responsible to lead and supervisor a team of Application Engineers and Engineering Administrator.

Duties and Responsibilities

 A) Technical Functions

Supervised a team of Application Engineers to carry out the following:

  • 3D CAD design of mechanical seals, couplings and other FSD products portfolio 
  • Selection and designing of Wet and Gas mechanical seals, Couplings for Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power or Pharmaceutical Industry applications to meet the most stringent sealing conditions such as high pressure, high temperature, very low temperature (cryogenic services) to meet stringent fire safety, environmental and industrial hygiene and clean air quality standard.
  • Designing and fabrication of fluid control system with piping and instrumentation to support mechanical seals operation system

B) Support sales and Service Functions

Support sales and service engineers to carry out the following functions:

  • Service, trouble shooting and repair mechanical seals for oil and gas industry.                           
  • Assisted refinery and oil/gas production platform on plant start up on mechanical seal and system operations.

C) Support production quality functions

  • Formulated and implemented quality improvement plans.
  • Carried out trouble shooting for causes and corrective action on quality problems.

D)Training Functions

  • Organized and conducted training courses for inhouse staff and customers on mechanical seal technology and centrifugal pump operations and maintenance.

E) Other Functions

  • To perform other functions when requested.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical/Mechatronics, Production or Chemical Engineering with minimum 2 years relevant working experience in managing an engineering department or as a lead Engineer.
  • Good mechanical part design and 3D CAD knowledge such as SolidEdge, Solidwork
  • Independent, self-driven and result oriented
  • Good command of English in both spoken & written
  • Maximum 40 years old