Turbomachinery Services

FSD Group in collaboration with New JCM provide Turbomachinery Repair & Services


New JCM possesses the most extensive and in-depth of revamping knowledge & experience in compressors and mechanical drive steam turbines in the industry – we owned one of the most advanced processes of taking the product at the end of its life cycle and giving it a new lease of life. We applied the industry guidelines strictly such as API617, API612, API687 and ISO1940.

Advanced Tools such as 3D scan, 3D software, 3D measurement & 3D machining complimented by highly trained experienced Craftsman build every high quality Components.


NEW JCM & Touch Precision now possesses one of the industry most advanced 3-D Scanner and Laser Touch Measurement Devices to perform the on-site Reverse Engineering of the most complex parts.

Through Reverse Engineering, “data-based” experience and knowledge, NEW JCM is able to execute the reapplication close to “drop-fit” solutions for other OEM rotors. NEW JCM engineers are responsible.

For the developments of the design, materials and manufacturing techniques to define the process of Reverse Engineering of the rotors.


Schenk DH6/DH3 equip with Advance Bentley Nevada Machine Monitoring System Weight : 8000kg @ 28000rpm, span of 7.1m

Schenk DH/9S located at our partner workshop Weight up to 50,000Kg @ max speed 6000rpm


NEW JCM maintains a state-of-the-art, Dynamics high-speed balance facilit with fully Bentley-Nevada system based control room. The bunker chamber i operated under vacuum which allows balancing of fully bladed rotors (turbines, compressors, expanders, etc.) under running conditions. Our facility has two sizes of bearing pedestals that can accommodate rotor weight up 50 tonnes. Both bearing pedestals can accommodate the use of either tilt- pad or liner type bearings. NEW JCM maintains a wide range of standard siz tilt-pad journal bearings, and also designs and manufactures special bearings for non-standard applications.


Verify mechanical integrity of the rotor prior to installation

High speed balancing provides the opportunity to optimize a rotor by simulating actual operating conditions, and to make any required corrections before the rotor is installed. High speed balancing verifies the mechanical integrity of the rotor design throughout the entire speed range prior to unit installation, and ensures smooth operation of the rotor at rated speed.


Dust Controlled Assembly and Test Centre

NJM will perform the stringent tests of ASME PTC-10-II and String Tests to meet the stringent goals for compressors and Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines.
The exhaustive tests is to confirm the thermodynamics and Mechanical performance of the Mech. Drive Steam Turbines and Compressors over the entire range of operating conditions.

  • To confirm design solutions required for the steam turbine and compressors
  • The need to accurately match the many process operating conditions
  • The customer desire to minimize the tuning activities at site to speed up commissioning and start-up hence reducing project costs


Our Capabilities Take Us Along On Your Next Project

Experience means value added, NEW JCM possesses wealth of experience in Large power/High Speed Mech. Drive steam turbines, this transforms directly into cost advantage and in the shortest possible time schedule.
Hence, customers and International OEMs are sending their Mech. Drive Steam Turbines to NJM workshop for repair and high speed dynamic balancing.